Twist off caps UK

Please read the following LINK for information on Twist off Cap Regulations.

Alpack Ltd are the leading suppliers of Twist Off caps into the UK and Ireland supplying all the major food producers. Accredited agents of Silgan White Cap we stock all the popular diameters and colours in our Birmingham warehouse facility, offering a rapid turnaround of orders. All caps are produced to EU standards and are compliant with all regulations covering ESBO , BPA , etc. High Quality Multi Coloured Printing , Specialty Inks and Coatings in both Gloss and Matt , and Shaping such as Embossing are possible . Minimum print runs start at 150,000 caps .Please contact us for further information .
We are also attached a link to our CAP APPLICATION GUIDE. This guide provides valuable information on the application of caps.
     Twist off Caps available from stock UK
Cap Size. Style     Colours         
Caps per cartonCaps per palletCap Images
Black SilverWhite Red
 38mm RUP Regular          3100 74400 38mm RUP Cap
 38mm MTO Regular          2450 73500 38mm MTO Cap
 43mm RTO  Regular             3000 72000 43mm RTO Cap
 43mm RTBButton            3000 72000 43mm RTB Cap
53mm RTORegular           1600 4800053mm RTO Cap
 53mm RTSStepped          1700 51000 53mm RTS Cap
 53mm RTBButton          1600 48000 53mm RTB Cap
 58mm RTO Regular           1370 41100 58mm RTO Cap
 58mm RTBButton
          1370 41100 58mm RTB Cap
 63mm RTO Regular             1050 31500 63mm RTO Caps
 63mm RTBButton            1050 31500 63mm RTB Cap
 63mm RTSStepped                     1150 34500 63mm RTS Caps
 66mm RTS Regular             1050 31500 66mm RTS Cap
 66mm RSBButton          1050 31500 66mm RSB Cap
 70mm RTO Regular          900 27000 70mm RTO Cap
 70mm RTSStepped           900 27000 70mm RTS Cap
 70mm RTBButton          900 27000 70mm RTB Cap
 70mm Deep Regular          430 12900 70mm Deep Cap
 82mm RTSStepped          630 18900 82mm RTS Cap
 82mm RSBStepped          630 18900 82mm RSB Cap

Honey Caps
 Cap Size Colours 
 Carton Quantity Pallet Quantity Click for Images
  Honeycomb Flying Bee  
 63mm RTS    1150 34500 63mm Honeycomb

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        Informational video about Silgan White Cap capping machine.