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Paper Bags Brown and White
Small White Bag – 178x100x228mm
from 0.15 (incl. Vat)
Small Paper Bag-178x100x228mm
from 33.83 (incl. Vat)
Midi White Bag-220x100x275mm
from 81.80 (incl. Vat)
Midi Brown Bag-220x100x320mm
from 61.50 (incl. Vat)
Medium White Paper Bag-255x125x310mm
from 108.24 (incl. Vat)
Medium Paper Bag-255x125x310mm
from 123.00 (incl. Vat)
Large White Bag-320x155x410mm
from 73.80 (incl. Vat)
Large Paper Bag-320x160x390mm
from 76.26 (incl. Vat)