Stand up Pouches

Our flexible stand up pouchs suitable for food are available in a wide variety of colours & sizes . We also have an extensive range of Kraft Pouches with and without windows.

Minimum order of any one size of Pouch is 100.

The advantage of using laminate stand up zipper Pouches is its ability to stand up on a shelf for maximum sales impact through its packaging pouch design. It folds flat before filling. This means great savings on freight and storage space in stand up zipper Bags . Zipper Bags is an environment friendly product, using 75% less plastic than a rigid container. Products are well protected by the various lamination's, and the printing inks are sandwiched within the layers. Stand Up Pouches offer longer shelf life.

When compared to traditional packaging materials like cans and bottles The Stand-up pouch offers an economical packaging solution with additional benefits:

Prices Exclude VAT @ 23%.