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Food Packaging

Single Bottle Flexi Hex Pack
from 59.96 (incl. Vat)
Double Bottle Flexi-Hex Pack
from 99.94 (incl. Vat)
Triple Bottle Flexi-Hex Pack
from 132.23 (incl. Vat)
Six Bottle Flexi_Hex Pack
from 87.33 (incl. Vat)
Container with Clear Lid 710ml
from 129.15 (incl. Vat)
Noodle Bowl & Lid 710ml
from 171.13 (incl. Vat)
710ml Salad Bowl With Lid
from 63.98 (incl. Vat)
Flexi-Hex Sleeve Light 1000 x 600mm
from 6.25 (incl. Vat)
Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeve 1000x 800mm
from 8.10 (incl. Vat)
Bagasse Bowl & Lid 600cc Brown.
from 212.54 (incl. Vat)
Bagasse Bowl & Lid 900cc Brown.
from 84.62 (incl. Vat)