We would like to draw your attention to the sealing compounds and inner coatings on our metal twist off caps. The specification of the sealing compound and inner coating is an important consideration when using our caps as they are the two surfaces that come into contact with the product you are packing. All standard Alpack caps are produced with the same sealing compound and coating. The specification that we use covers the broadest range of uses. The sealing compound used in our caps contains ESBO (Epoxidized soybean oil), this softens the sealing compound allowing the cap to be applied without preheating the cap. This is essential for manual application, or by machine where there is no cap preheat function. However this cap is not suitable for some oily products where the ESBO can migrate into the product. If you are packing an oily product you may want to have your product tested to ensure it is within the tolerance of the EU regulations (please see attached regulation documents).

Inner Coating:

RP40 – This coating is suitable for cold and hot fill, pasteurisation and sterilisation. It can be used with high acid / protein e.g. vegetable, meat spread.

Sealing Compound:

469 Puffed Compound – This sealing compound can be applied with or without steam. It can be applied manually or by a capping equipment. It’s suitable for cold and hot fill or/and pasteurisation T <105°C

BPAni (BPA Non Intent) Caps:

In addition to above please note Alpack are transitioning all of their caps to BPAni caps. This is to comply with recent legislation introduced by the EU. Please see the attached.

The Reverse coating on this Caps is RP45 which is an all-rounder and can be used for all aggressive products (Vegetable products, meat & soybean products). It can be used for aggressive products without corrosion problems.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact us directly.