ISO9001/European Glass

Just to keep our customers up to date. Alpack are working with CG Business Consulting to achieve ISO accreditation. We are well over half way through the project and our aim is to have the ISO9001 standard in place by the end of July.

Although we have always put quality to the forefront in our business, having ISO will give our customers even more confidence in Alpack when purchasing goods.

On request Alpack can provide all Certificates of compliance for products intended to come into contact with food. We only buy food contact packaging in Europe where all manufactures must comply with EU Directive EC1935/2004 and EU 2023/2006 for articles intended to come in contact with food.

These EU directives give our customers full confidence all products Alpack supplies.

Full track and traceability is part of the directive. Buying goods from outside the EU means you are not covered by EU law should you have any product recall or quality issues. Add to this the risks associated with bringing goods in from outside the EU.

All palletised goods entering the EU on wooden pallets must comply with EU legislation.

If you import from outside the EU and pallets have not been treated you run the risk of never receiving your goods as they will be quarantined at point of entry.

To see the possible impact of untreated goods see the attached.

While buying goods from outside the EU can offer savings the risks if something goes wrong are incalculable. Careful consideration should be given before purchasing any product intended to come in contact with food regardless of where it comes from.

Always ensure that the product conforms to EU directives and full track and trace labelling is in place. In the words of the infamous Dougal in Father Ted. “Careful there Now”.