New Inflatable Packaging

We are delighted to have been appointed agents for the supply of Bubl Bag™ and Air Pod™ in Ireland.

These innovative inflatable packaging solutions are easy to use and can be inflated in seconds. They offer a high level of protection at a lower cost and are more environmentally friendly than bulkier alternatives. The Bubl Bag™ can be inflated simply with an everyday drinking straw and the Air Pod™ with compressed air. The below videos demonstrate their ease of use.

They have many benefits and cost savings over other protective packaging products, some of these include –

  • The volume dimensions of single parcels are reduced therefore increasing pallet utilization and decreasing shipping costs.
  • Air Pod™ can be reused numerous times.
  • Their simplified handling shortens the packaging process saving time and manpower.
  • When deflated they take up a minimum amount of space in turn reducing storage as well as delivery costs.
  • There are no tooling costs in turn reducing capital expenditure.
  • The shock absorption capability of these inflatable packs are unequaled by other protective packaging options and they have dramatically reduced damages in supply chains.
  • They are 100% recyclable, along with the fact that when deflated their shipping weight and volume is decreased means that fewer trucks are need to transport them leading to lower CO2 emissions. This makes them one of the most eco-friendly options in the market which will please an ever growing environmentally conscious consumer.
  • They can be used to send an array of breakable items from wine bottles to electronic goods and everything in between in a safe way.

If you would like to call into our showroom for a demonstration please feel free to drop in at any time, alternatively you can email for a sample.